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About Ben Whitaker

Ben Whitaker is a Photographer and Archaeologist from Southeastern Kentucky. His background in Anthropology provides a unique perspective when making Images, and he is always looking to capture frames that inspire and demonstrate people's reality.

Camera: Sony A7R IV 

            Canon AE-1

              Kodak 35 RF

Editing Software: Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

When Ben is not working with clients, he is in the field, conducting archaeological surveys and capturing images that convey what it means to be an Archaeologist. Throughout his Archaeology Career, Ben has worked on projects across the United States, Puerto Rico, and India. 

As a recipient of bachelor's degrees in both Anthropology and History, when I capture an Image, I am not trying to capture a visually pleasing moment. Instead, I am trying to capture something that is both visually stunning and significant, and what separates me from other photographers is my definition of significance. Because of my background in Anthropology and History, my photography searches for the significance of both the people who lived and are living the experience I am trying to capture.

-Ben Whitaker

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